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Frequently Asked Driver Questions

                        This is in-car  driving lessons only

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1.    What is the length of the course?

Advance offers a six (6) hour drive time done over (3) days , (2 )  Hours per day

2.    What is a reasonable amount of time that a true beginner will need to become a safe driver?

Advancedriver.com recommends a combination of training and practice to be in excess of 40 Hours.

3.      Where does training take place?

      All beginners will start in parking lot situations. 2 hour minimum. Once good technique is exhibited instruction will move to neighborhood streets and the open roads.

4.    Can you provide transportation to and from the class?

Yes, , for those  individuals need, there is a TRANSPORTATION FEE added to the base  $350. 00 price for personal pick-up. All drive times are by appointment only and start at  # 1-10770 Barely lane.Houston TX. # 2-Grant Road DMV Drivers License off. or # 3- the Berry Center on Barker Cypress across from the Lone Star College.

5.    What can a student expect to learn?

   The basic 6 hour course is designed to help the student driver pass the DOT in-car driving test, which includes the parallel parking procedure necessary to pass. There is NO FREEWAY test, the Advance main focus is on what is necessary to pass the DOT C-class Test. If the student wishes to go beyond the basics then Advancedriver.com is the place to start.

6.    How does your training differ from a basic driving school?

   From the very start Advance Driver directs a strong focus on the physical steering control using using professional hand over hand techniques with gentle acceleration out of the turns, always using two hands on the steering wheel at the 10 & 2 clock position  Advance uses special proprietary teaching aids / techniques  developed over the years that will give the student a better understanding on how a car will perform, providing the driver with practical knowledge of seeing where the car is going to be traveling at all times in and out of turns. When the student learns to use these Advance Driver Training techniques and strategies taught by explaining the physics control issues in a comparative step by step process.This allows the student to start adopting good driving control decisions out of multiple outside influences beyond the training experience taught by Advance driver

 Advance does not randomly drive around a parking lot light pole for a few minutes and then convince the student they are ready to drive on the city streets

   It takes a very skilled driver to execute the Advance parking lot program properly , without formal training! The parking lot  is where the student can get the true feeling of what a car can do, with their very limited skills, in a safe environment. These parking lot drills are extremely important and can be made as simple / silly or very demanding depending on the requirements of the particular driving school’s  Instruction Program. This is where good steering control skills can be demonstrated and adopted by the beginning driver or,                “lost for ever”.

7.    What if weather conditions change?

   Rain wet streets and threat of sever weather of any kind will cancel a session, . No parking lot drive times are done in the Rain or wet surfaces.

8.    What type vehicle do you use?

The Ford Mustang is the vehicle of choice. It has above average handling and rear wheel drive.

9.    What if a student wants to learn how to drive using a manual transmission?

    The Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel is used for the Standard transmission drive time. It is available  upon special request. The student must first demonstrate proficiency with an automatic before introduction to stick shift. Rates are based on  $75.00 per hour with a two (2) hour minimum, and must be consulted with instructor.. All drive times are done in a large parking lot NO STREET