What Kind of Driver Are You?

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What Kind of Driver Are You?

You are a parent who's child has finished a local driving school

You are NOW legally responsible for the continuing education with the  30 hour STATE log certification for the additional hours REQUIRED. You are experiencing an absolute FEAR FACTOR while riding with your child full-filling the driving lessons log process, you do not have the experience to recognize and correct problems that will exist with out the security of a throttle kill switch and passenger side auxiliary BRAKE. “DO NOT FEAR”     ADVANCEDRIVER.COM    IS NEAR BELOW ARE (3) EXAMPLES OF RECENT ACTUAL TEEN & ADULT WRECK Your teen child has just called you and told you that they have had a single car accident. The car is in a ditch turned up-side down and totaled and there are injuries.  Now they are telling you it was not their fault. What do you do, except it or get a second opinion. Advanced can provide a truly unbiased evaluation to you, the parent! Your child is traveling late on a rainy night. They have just had a head on collision, (with injuries), in a turn and they blame it on the rain that caused Hydro plainning and say it was not their fault. You spend the remainder of the night in the local emergency room. What do you do, except it or get a second opinion.   Advance can provide a truly unbiased evaluation to you the parent going well beyond the State driving test, which really doesn’t provide a true test of physical control skill level or take into consideration their mental focus on actual travel time knowledge recall for the rules of the road. Your wife who is a foreign national to driving conditions in America wants to learn hoe to drive. The new husband says he will teach her. His lack of teaching experience caused a total loss of a very late model high end car and sustained long term injuries to a family member…He did save a little money but the personal injury and total vehicle loss did not compare to the fee for driving lessons that he avoided.. Then there is always the legal problems that will inevitable come after the dust settles from the wreck that your wife / student caused during the driving lesson. ” GET HELP NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.”

You never really had to learn to drive

Some of you may have resided in a large city, such as New York, or in a European country where public transportation met your needs.  You now find yourself through job transfer or relocation that requires you to learn to drive. Advance Adult In Car Driving Lessons can greatly assist you, not only to develop the skills, but to give you the added confidence that you need.

 You have driven for years, but are new to Houston driving conditions.

Perhaps you are one who grew up in a small town, “NO TREES TEXAS” and have spent little if any time driving on the Interstate highways and highly congested street conditions in a major city, that you are currently encountering in Houston . Advance Adult In Car Driver Training can not only provide you with protected opportunities to experience driving in Houston traffic, but will teach you how to anticipate and properly respond in circumstances that will challenge your inexperience.

 You are an older driver who needs to re-qualify for license.

Some of the things that naturally occur as we age can make it a little frightening when driving even if we drove with confidence for years.  If you are concerned about slower reflexes, vision that is not what it used to be or just having to cope with the increasing traffic on Houston roads and highways, Advance Adult In Car Driver Training, for the Elderly, can be just what you need to assess your driving skills and give you the confidence you need to make the best decision about when you may need to consider other modes of getting about Houston traffic

 You are an adult over 18 under under 25

You are required by law to complete a 6 hour ADULT class room course before you can receive your Texas permit  to drive. This is where the FEAR-FACTOR starts. You, the parent or spouse are going  to get in a car with some one who has no driving experience with out an auxiliary brake and teach them driving instruction !!!     ‘Now let’s get real.”.   The only cars in the family are the Mercedes and the Avalon.. Do you really want to deal with The Legal Liability, car insurance issues, medical insurance and time off from work. Advance can provide the In-Car driving experience, they will need to pass the actual driving skills test including parallel parking.  Advance In Car Driver Training can assist you with this opportunity to experience driver training in Houston traffic, with out being in harms way. Advance will teach your student how to anticipate and develop strategies that will help them properly respond to circumstances that will keep them safe beyond the Driving Test.

 You are a special needs individual: (Physical, sight, special needs & Hearing issues )

You are a young Adult in need of transportation. The State of Texas has cleared you for medical restrictions and you are now looking for someone to take the time you need to achieve a level of driving safety that no other driving school will or can take time.. Call Advancedriver.com ( 832-797-0383 ) and Advance Driver will be glad to give you the assistance.you need.We can help you achieve your goals  !

Corporate in car driver Training & Evaluations 

You are the CEO of a large company and your HR supervisor is looking for help in evaluating employees operating company vehicles.

This is a new requirement guide line issued by the insurance carrier and is a result of current employees having been involved in traffic incidents resulting in citations and injuries claims. ” LEGAL PROBLEMS” .HR has called every driving school and each one is heavily involved with the teenage driving programs and have no time or interest in training resources to address these increasing business needs for employees driving / evaluations for those corporations that have employees using company vehicles.

 Human Resources department for an American Petroleum Company who has an international employee working temporarily in the USA.

You are an H R/ Human Resources company supervisor looking for a driving school to evaluate your international employee for insurance clearance on company vehicle to drive on Texas roads. Advance Driver recommended that the employee secure a State DOT permit to drive in Texas by attending an adult 6 hour course on Texas road laws before they receive their permit to drive. Advance In-Car Driver Training can be just what you need to assess their driving skills and give you the information you need to make the best decision about when your employee is qualified for operating a company vehicle in and about Houston traffic. The driving requirement for license in other Countries should not be compared to those in the USA. Your company may be put at LEGAL risk by excepting an International driver license issued under foreign guidelines. Advance requires that all International drivers convert their license to a Texas License if they are a resident for longer than 90 days. THIS IS A STATE LAW.